2020 DPHC Dutch championships – We did it!

The Paint Dutch Championship in Corona time is over, and what a Championship. It was fantastic! With hindsight we can hardly believe it. A huge amount of work was done to prepare everything beforehand. A new accommodation, a (partially) extended show team with new volunteers, many more registrations, hygiene protocol and restrictions and all this in the constant uncertainty whether it could go on. Who doesn't dare, who doesn't win!

It was a huge challenge to process the overwhelming number of participants. The entire show team accepted the challenge and we can say that we succeeded in our setup for the most part. Due to the restriction on the maximum number of people present on the show ground, we unfortunately had to disappoint participants and the audience was not allowed to attend. With the volunteers we went to work to make as many people as possible happy.

With more than 100 combinations and over 460 starts, spread over 2 days, and an overcrowded program we started at 7:00 am. The largest class was the Color Class with 18 participants, but also the riding classes were well filled with the Novice Amateur, but also the Walk-Trot was well filled. The Halter Futurity was nicely occupied and also in the Maturity there were offspring of the SSA stallions released. This was not (yet) the case in the Futurity Riding classes, hopefully next year it will be. All Futurity Champions received a nice price and also in all other classes prizes were awarded, made available by the many sponsors.

It all started when we arrived at the gate. Because of the mandatory Corona registration, it was a hustle and bustle there. Rien and Killian had the gate so watertight that even the owner of the complex did not enter the complex because he was not registered and had no tape. Immediately afterwards the riders were escorted by Jan to the stables. The implementation of the Corona rules took some getting used to but in the end it went fine. Walking lines were well laid out, disinfection was everywhere and masks were worn inside a lot. Yvonne and Leah had the toilets and showers in front of the campground neat and tidy and when the gong rang we were all put back on edge to keep our distance and pay attention. The inspectors had no comments. Afterwards the show team and participants received a big compliment from the accommodation.

The setup and layout of the show arena with the prize-giving ceremony outside the show arena in the preparation area was a bit of getting used to, was necessary, but was good afterwards. The time schedule was right and we even catching up on time. Our doormen Patrick and Frans were nicely pushing. Also the ribbon ladies Eliza, Chelsea and Lisanne worked very hard and picked up the new setup fantastic. Many ribbons, prizes, medals and sashes they got to hand over and that was done fantastic. Marlies Trap didn't need a pedometer to know that she worked very hard to put everyone on the picture and Gerda Vis, with the help of Johny, talked the lungs out of the body and provided every award ceremony with information about participant, horse and sponsor. The ladies of the secretariat, Angela and Susanne did a lot of work and also ring stewards Laja and Ron had their hands full.

Without all these and many more volunteers this Dutch championships would not have been possible because remember, also behind the scenes, before the show and afterwards a lot of work was done. Nicole, Ria, Henri, Melissa, Nena, Ellen, Kelly, Christoph, Theo, Myla, Paul R and Sarah all thank you very much for your unbridled efforts!

And finally thanks to all participants! Without you the Paint Dutch Championships is not possible. Hopefully we will see each other again next year and then maybe under different circumstances. But for now we all look back on a successful Dutch Championship and enjoy it!

The Board