2020 DPHC Open Dutch Championship & Futurity Contest health declaration

For the organization of this show a permit has been granted and the location will be regularly checked for enforcement of these rules.

This means that we really have to abide by the rules of this location. Participants and visitors must follow the guidelines of the RIVM and the competition location that are valid at the time of presence on the terrain.

Keep a distance of 1.5 m and wash/ disinfect your hands regularly.

Mouth caps are not mandatory for the time being, but we recommend using them if it is busy or indoors.

Visitors are not allowed.

Everyone who wants to enter the event has to have filled in and signed a health declaration, which has to be handed in to the parking attendant upon arrival on the terrain.

Only on presentation of a completed and signed declaration, you will be granted access to the terrain and you will receive a wristband that must be worn visibly.

Participants and groom/guide with a RED wristband will only have access to the outside terrain, horse spraying area, competition arena's and lunging circle.

Participants and groom/conductor with a WHITE wristband also only have access to the stables.

Participants and groom/conductor with a BLUE wristband also only have access to the indoor stables.

Volunteers and organization with an ORANGE wristband have access to the entire terrain.

Please fill in the health declaration at home, so that a quick handling on arrival is possible.

In case of Corona related complaints, stay at home and report this to the show before the show starts!

pdf HealthDeclarationDutchChampionships (634 KB)

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