2020 DPHC Open Dutch Championship & Futurity Contest show information

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pdf NK showinfo (73 KB)

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Futurity class In Hand Trail (D-FIHT) Yearling added

Yearling had been added to the futurity class D-FIHT and is now calles  ‘D-FIHT – Futurity In Hand Trail Yearling, 2 & 3yr old’.

It is now possible to enter that class with your Futuriry Yearling

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Stallion Service Auction (SSA) overview eligable offspring

Attached an overview of the offspring entitled to start the Futurity/Maturity 2020.


Online registration is possible until Friday September 18 23:59hr at the latest. 

pdf Table eligable offspring SSA 2020 (425 KB)

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Registration for the 2020 DPHC Dutch Championship & Futurity Contest Saturday, 26 and Sunday, 27 September, is open online

As of today, you can register on http://showoffice.dphc.nl/

For some of you, the program will recognize the known riders and horses by entering your ‘APHA number’ and 'backnumber +  horse name' and will automatically complete all data. Others will have to fill in all data once. Then by simply clicking on classes and options the registration can be done, you will receive an email with the confirmation, and when your registration has been checked, you will receive an email with the invoice to the email address you provided and you are ready to go. If there are any minor imperfections (of course always possible) please send an email to entryforms@dphc.nl.

Registration with early booking discount until September 18 at the latest.
Online registration is possible until September 24 (After that it is always possible to register on the competition day itself).
Please read carefully all the information on the pages at registration, especially the Corona protocol (page “select options and discounts”).

Entry deadline is 18/09/2020 at 23:59 hr for all Futurity @ Maturity classes, after that registration is no longer possible.

If the data of the 'Sire', 'Dam' and 'Breeder' are entered when registering under 'Enter Horse information', these data will be listed on the class lists and after the show on the results.

Download the pdf program (46 KB)

DPHC Board

Indicative time schedule 2020 DPHC May Paint Contest

The indicative timetable for the 2020 DPHC May Paint Contest can now be downloaded.

pdf Timeschedule ravenswaaij (530 KB)

The time schedule gives an indication of the expected start time.

We take the right to run one hour into the proposed time. So be ready at least 1½ hours before the expected start time! We will not wait for you if you do not arrive at the start on time. No rights can be derived from this schedule.

Registration is still possible on the show day itself.

Please observe the RIVM measures and our Corona protocol!

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